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portrait Developer&Runner

Bio #

My name is Chuanyi Li(李传义) and li2niu(李二牛) is my nickname on many social platforms. For your convenience, you can call me chuanyi or Kent.

  • 1996 Born in Xinyang(信阳), China
  • 2019 Completed the Bachelor’s Program in the School of Internet of Things at Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (南京邮电大学物联网工程)
  • 2019~2022 Worked as a SDE at Xiaomi
  • 2022~Present Work for my own

Hobbies #

  • Marathon. Half Marathon PB 133(2021.4)/ Marathon 321(2021.10)
  • FC Games, like Contra. 1 life to go through 4/8 stages.

Work #

I have been working on Garmin application development for several years. Some of them

Reach me #