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Self Introduction

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Self-introductions are the most direct way to reinforce your desired personal brand. And they can be easy to do.


  1. 现在 Present
  2. 过去 Past
  3. 未来 Future

现在 #

使用一般现在时(Present Tense). 如,

  • Hi, I’m Kent, and I’m a software engineer. My current focus is optimizing customer experience.
  • Nice to meet you all. My name is Kent, and I’m a smartwatch app developer in my own company. I work from home now.


职场等严肃场景 #



网络聊天 #


过去 #


职场等严肃场景 #

过去时为宜。这是个建立信用的好机会。我们可以说:教育背景, 先前任职的公司, 过往的项目, 成就等。

My background is in Computer Science. Before joining this team, I worked as a backend server engineer to support our merchant admin system in Xiaomi.

网络聊天 #

网络聊天不宜暴露太多个人信息,我们可以转而介绍自己的兴趣爱好。 比如说玩什么游戏、喜欢什么运动,个人自行取舍,当然如果根据实际情况能介绍一下自己过去的情况,也有助于构建连接和友谊。 比如在中英交流频道,在五湖四海的同胞面前,我们可以介绍下自己的城市等等情况。

  • I used to play on reddit. But now I find discord is more interesting, so I come here
  • I finished my junior high school in Jiangshu province. Then I went to French for further education and have settled down in Paris currently.

未来 #


职场等严肃场景 #

  • I’m honored to be here. This project is a significant opportunity for all of us.
  • I’m excited to work with you all to solve our clients’ biggest challenges!

网络聊天 #

  • I’m happy to join this room. Looking forward to hear interesting things from you guys.

Reference #

Make a simple introduction by Andrea Wojnicki Introduce yourself